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Im not sure if anyone has ever done this. I will be going on a trip next week and planing to stop by a fellow members place to buy and talk about shrimps :icon_smil

My concerned is how do I bring them back home? can i put them in my suit case and in a insulated box? or is that going to be a problem?

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Are you flying?
For anything liquid more than a certain small amount you have to check the package in. Better call the airline/custom to find out.
Just take some breather bags and mail them the day you leave.

I thought it would be better if could put them in the suit case. I figure if it would not be much water, since i have order many shrimps before and the amount of water that is in the breather bags is not much. I thought it would be possible.
Pack them like you would ship them and put them in the suit case
I would just be worried about the bag handling this days. Last time I took a flight they lost my bag and no joke return the bag with no wheels lol.
I'm not sure a sphere of "unknown" liquid packed into a suitcase on a passenger plane running through an overly paranoid system with x-ray machines is the best way to get them home. That bag most likely will at least be opened and inspected.
Each person is allow to bring a One-quart bag with "3.4 oz liquid containers" onto the plane. How much water does a 5.5 x 8" Kordon bag contains?

Are you going out of the US? If so, then bringing shrimp on a plane is illegal.
Mail them Priority Hold for Pickup to yourself the day you leave. The package should arrive quickly -- but if you are delayed, you won't have to worry that it's getting tossed from truck to truck or left to endure the elements at your doorstep.
I would ship them as well. What if you get held up at security and they confiscate it? Not worth the risk to me.

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