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ok so i was looking closly at my substrate because i notice it turning a funky brownish yellow color in some spots. and i see these really, really tiny, white colored worm type things wiggleing around. (jeez, one more thing) they apear to be eating my substrate or somthing. please give me any and all information about these worms, thanks.

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I'm not a worm ID guy, but I can tell you that they're harmless and fairly normal. Could be worms or plenaria. They can be a sign that the tank could use more cleaning or less feeding, otherwise they're just at the start of the biofilter with the snails.
I had one white worm thingy in my 2g betta tank that was inching itself along. made me worried and sick to my stomach when i saw it almost a month ago. i haven't seen it since that fateful morning and i hope nature worked it out and not my betta. he seems fine and nothing else is scary (except for the cyclops that swarm my tank) so i think it might be okay. who knows, maybe its a sign that the tank is closer to a natural eco system. scary to see though im sure
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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