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Help with Willow Hygro... PLEASE

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I've been fighting this little battle for a while now and I've finally decided to ask for some help. The backround of my 40g breeder is currently Willow Hygro and mostly it's growing really well, but then all of a sudden (it seems) some leaves start getting holes in them and falling off, and sometimes when I pull up the stem it's bendy and dead/dying. It's starting to really annoy me. Tank specks below.

Standard 40B
Dechlor'ed tap- 20% water changes every 2 weeks.
Eco complete substrate enriched with Pfertz root tabs, and aquarium root tabs.
Pferztz NPK 1 pump per 10g every other day, Micros 1/10g every other day
4x39w T5 fishneedit light, 8hr photoperiod
Other flora- s. repens, blyxa japonica, A. renickii (sp?)
Fauna- 4 mixed livebearers, 6 pygmy cories, 2 LF bristlnose fry-ish (2 in?) A bunch of RCS and Amanos.
CO2 injection- not really sure of BPS but it gets the drop checker light green and the blyxa pearls almost every day.

Anything I forgot?

Oh, and the blxya's a little bit yellowish rather than a nice green that I've seen it, is that just the high light that does it?

Please and thank you!!!

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A 40 Breeder tank is only 16 inches high. One T5HO bulb at the top of the tank gives you about 100 micromols of PAR, which, by itself, is high light. You use 4 bulbs. If you can turn off the two inside bulbs, keeping only the outer bulbs, then hang the light about 8-10 inches above the top of the tank, you should have plenty of light, and reasonably uniform light.

Right now, it is almost impossible to provide enough CO2 to keep all of the plants growing at the rate the light drives them to. The most aggressive growers will hog the CO2, as well as the other nutrients, leaving an inadequate amount for the other plants. Willow leaf Hygro is a very aggressive grower, but you may have an even better hog of CO2 in with it. So, I suspect the plants are just CO2 starved.

Also, as the plants grow bigger and more bushy, it becomes very hard to keep good water circulation in the tank. So, the Willow leaf Hygro may not be getting enough water flow through the plants to bring CO2 to them. Pruning them usually helps with that.
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Thanks hoppy, I forgot to mention that the light is raised about 8 inches off the top of the tank, but I'll try taking two bulbs off and see if that'll help!
It's probably just natural competition; some of the plants are being out competed for nutrients. I would just do more trimming on the plants that look a little unhealthy and cut off more interior leaves. You can also try to increase the flow through the stand of hygro and be sure to pull off any string/hair algae.
Oh, and the blxya's a little bit yellowish rather than a nice green that I've seen it, is that just the high light that does it?

Please and thank you!!!

I don't think it's the light. Blyxa develops a strong reddish hue in high light and mine has done great under intense lighting. You could try dosing more iron and more potassium.
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