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Hey guys!
Need some advice here!
I currently have two seriously planted tanks, a fifty and a ten, both have layers of play sand, rather thin, about an inch, two inches on places, my heavy roote plants are in hidden pots.
I'd really like to try out planted tank soil or mix or whatever.
I'm starting with my ten gallon, as I'm upgrading the tank anyways, and it'll be cheaper than doing the fifty!
At my petsmart, they have flourite and flora max. When I get home I'll post picture of the bags, but as far as I can tell, they weren't any special kind?
I'd like to know pros and cons of both, which one would be better, or if anyone has any other products they swear by?
I have all sorts of plants in there, some stems, some bulbs, some rooted, floaters as well. The fish are juvie guppies and apple snails, possibly some other fish in the future, and some CRS.
Please let me know guys!!
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