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Help with stocking

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I have a 29 gallon tank. I plan to stock with mostly tetra's

Right now i have:
4 Red Eye Tetras
3 Flame Tetras
8 Neon Tetras
1 Amano Shrip

I plan to get a few more algae eaters, probably a shrimp or two, and an otto (or two). That would bring me up to 18-20 fish/shrimp.

I want some more neon tetra's for sure. I've been told 24-26 fish would be about good for the fish i have. However, others have told me i can go more with the neon tetras.

How does a Algae eating shrimp shrimp/catfish contribute to the bioload compared to a "normal" fish around the same size?

So, i know this is general but i'm looking more for an estimate as I'll be about done with my next stocking according to some people, with others, i have more room.
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I would have to disagree with adding an SAE; they can grow to be 4-5 inches and like alot of swimming space. I would definately say 2 or 3 ottos would be better for you. Also, a medium sized fish to stand out among the small tetras would be nice. A pair of dwarf gouramis or bolivian rams might work.
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