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Help with stocking

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I have a 29 gallon tank. I plan to stock with mostly tetra's

Right now i have:
4 Red Eye Tetras
3 Flame Tetras
8 Neon Tetras
1 Amano Shrip

I plan to get a few more algae eaters, probably a shrimp or two, and an otto (or two). That would bring me up to 18-20 fish/shrimp.

I want some more neon tetra's for sure. I've been told 24-26 fish would be about good for the fish i have. However, others have told me i can go more with the neon tetras.

How does a Algae eating shrimp shrimp/catfish contribute to the bioload compared to a "normal" fish around the same size?

So, i know this is general but i'm looking more for an estimate as I'll be about done with my next stocking according to some people, with others, i have more room.
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Snails kind of scare me right now with reproduction. I'll research that particular type though.
Here's the benefit of nerites. From what I've heard, they can only reproduce in saltwater and are -as ZTM said- great algae eaters! I have 3 in my 29 gallon myself and have -soon to be "had"- major algae issues that is being taken care of by the zebra nerites I have. Highly recommended! :)
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