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I have a 75 gallon tank that I am going to be setting up soon. However I am uncertain of the stocking. I was hoping that some of you could help out here. If this was your tank what would you do with it? What quantities would you put in there?

Tank Specs:
75 gallon standard tank dimenssions
Rena XP3 canister filter
Aquatic Life T5HO Freshwater 48" fixture (1) 48" 48W 650nm Pink Roseate, (1) 48" 48W 6,000°K

Planning on planting out this tank based upon types of fish selected.

Here are some fish that I like the look of, but feel free to add others that are not on the list.

Dwarf Bolivian Ram Cichlid
German Blue Dwarf Ram Cichlid
Dwarf Agassizi Cichlid
Galaxy Rasbora
Featherfin or Threadfin Rainbowfish
Boesemani Rainbowfish
Congo Tetra
Long Fin Red Minor Serpae Tetra
Neon, Jumbo Tetra

Forgot to add that I want shrimp in here as well. Not certain as to the type just yet, debating between Bumble Bee Ninja Shrimp and Red Rili Shrimp. Maybe even both of them if they can survive together.
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