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help with Show guppies...

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Hi there, I set up an unplanted tank (water has been cycled for the last 3 months) for the gf so she can have her guppies on their own and not take up my fish stock space :p Anywho, went to the LFS and when she was picking out another guppies, she asked the shop owner about a moscow guppie, he told her they are not for beginners. So what im wondering is how different can they be from regular guppies.

I understand some guppies have issues when they are breed in brackish water and being thrown into a fresh water tank, but it baffles me why a store owner would discourage her from having them so much.

Anyone care to educate me about this?
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They are pure bred guppies. The owner probably didn't want to sell show guppies to non breeders. Thinking the a non breeder would just toss it in a tank with a regular female guppy and therefore, lose the Moscow guppy strain.
guess im picking one up on the way home
Fancy guppies are definitely more fragile than run-of-the-mill guppies. And maybe he didn't want the strain to be lost. Still, it's unusual, but a bit admirable, for a LFS owner not to take your money!
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