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Help with Regulator Leak Check

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Recently I decided to try building my first regulator (somehow how I ended up with two regulators:icon_redf so more fun for me) .

Anyway, I was doing the leak check (thanks to Bettatail for the awesome guide) on both (they are both 2 stage) and so far so good. I did however run into something unexpected. With both regulators the HP gauge reads 700 psi instead of 800. I am pretty sure it is not a leak since if I turn off the CO2 tank the pressure will stay constant for 12 hours with the regulator handle completely loosened.
My guess is that it is an issue with the tank, but I am using a brand new CO2 tank that was filled the other day. It is a 2.5lbs tank and feels heavy enough to be full, but I could be wrong. Is there any other explanation?

Now starts the the quest to find all the parts:red_mouth
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Are you sure 700 psi isn't correct? My pressure regulator reads 700 when I get a new tank. Pressure will change with temperature.
Thanks Lab_Man you were right!! I had been working in my garage, but last night I moved everything inside and this morning it read 800. I didn't think it would make such a big difference.

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Thanks Lab_Man you were right!!

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Thanks, but don't tell my wife, she would never believe you.
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