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What are you putting into the tank besides water, and what is the GH and tapwater values? What is the substrate and do you have any rocks in the tank that you didn't get at a fish store?

multiply by .056 to get degree.

300 * .056 = 16.8

My KH is around 3 dKH. You have something very wrong with your water. Get a GH test kit (liquid, API)

If your substrate is non-alkaline, I would do a 75% water change - test tapwater KH first and if it is significantly lower than 300 ppm do the water change, and 50% after that on alternate days until the KH goes down. It has to go down, just see if it comes back up. If it comes back up there is something in the tank causing it - substrate, rocks. I can't think of what else would be doing it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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