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Help With PAR

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I understand that PAR is now the proper way to measure the effectiveness of aquarium lighting, however, I'm not savvy enough to own a PAR meter (?) nor do I have the smarts to figure it out otherwise, if there is an otherwise way to figure it out. So, I thought I would avail myself of those in the know here..........

I have a 4-tube AquaticLife T5 fixture with (2) Giesemann Aquaflora tubes and (2) Giesemann Midday tubes, each 24W, sitting about 4" above a 24" deep tank. The Aquaflora tubes are on eight hours a day, the Middays on four hours a day. I have a GLA Primo CO2 system, on 30 minutes before lights, off 30 minutes after. The plants are growing quite well. The jungle val at the back of the tank is on the surface and has begun to double back toward the back of the tank now. A small row of crypts in the front are continually sprouting new leaves and the red Amazon sword, though staying short, is putting out beautiful new leaves weekly.

With the above numbers, can anyone estimate what PAR value my plants may be experiencing? Thank you for any input............
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