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Just bought my first big tank. Currently have 15 gallon and 5 gallon planted tanks (wisteria, java fern, java moss, baccopa, sword, vallsneria) but will most likely retire these two tanks when I get my new one up and running. First I need advice on .....
1) Plant suggestions - I'm going to do a eco complete substrate. NO CO2 for now but will dose with Flourish excel daily. I currently have a problem with black algae in my 15 gallon so I'm not sure if I should chop off infected leaves and take them over or just start fresh. I've heard that adding an air stone will help prevent this in the future? I will be starting out with stock LED lights (Tetra tank in a box set up) but hoping to upgrade to the Finnex plant LED system (which I currently run in my 15 and like).

2) Tank inhabitants - I want something that works well with plants. I LOVE discus but I've heard they're super hard to keep. I've also been interested in parrot cichlids. IF I take my current inhabitants over I will have a school of cherry and amano shrimp, neon tetras, pink danios and a betta (although I'd be ok leaving the other tanks as is if I found another suitable option for the new beast).

Thanks for any help. I've only had tanks for about 8 months now and have quickly become addicted. (I had them when I was younger but gave them up when I moved).

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