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First off I wanted to say thanks for all those who have helped me get this far, this forum is an invaluable resource.

My problem at the moment is the color and overall appearance of the leaves on my plants. They've been growing like wildfire and the fish are very happy but the plants just don't look good. I have the lights and co2 on for 12 hours a day. I dose the recommended macros and micros from green leaf aquariums every day, taking into account the volume of water in the sump as well and I add excel as well just for good measure. 40-50% water changes every sunday. I haven't tried jacking up the co2 but it's at 50psi and there's a steady stream of bubbles going into the reactor. Wondering if maybe I'm not adding enough ferts? I have 3 radion lights on full intensity (169 watts) from 9-5:30, the lights kick on at 8am and slowly ramp up till 9 then slowly dim from 5:30 to 8.

Any suggestions would be amazing.


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