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Help with my little Gourami

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Hi everyone,

I have a 12 Gallon with 1 Red Honey gourami, 10 neons and 5 amano shrimps.

From 1 week now, the Honey Gourami started to blackened (fins darkening, belly etc..)

I know this is usually typical from male gouramis entering their maturity. However, for 3 days now, he is staying on top of the aquarium, not really moving, and sometimes on his side.

He does not seem to have any visible problems (ick, fin rot etc...)

Should I be concerned of his health?

Neons does not seem to bother him at all.

PH = 7.4
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Nitrates between 0 and 5

Do a weekly 20% water change

Thanks for your comments.
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Sorry for your loss. I've never had much luck with honey gouramis. I used to constantly try to keep them when I was still doing unheated and unplanted tanks, but they never lasted more than a few months. However, after starting up the hobby again, I figured I would try again with a heated, heavily planted 20g. Things were looking good up until recently, and now my gourami hides most of the time and has been excreting white poop. He'll come out to eat, but he still looks a bit emaciated. I'm thinking he's going to croak pretty soon, but I hope he's able to hang in there.

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Sadly he died this morning. I woke up and he was like a dog chasing his tail with his body curved.

Went to take a shower and when I cam back he was dead.

Will miss him.
Did you attempt to quarantine? Add a little melafix? Maybe some aquarium salt?

I know nothing about gouramis but those 3 seem to at least help with most problems I've heard of

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My gourami died last night! What a shame, he was in my tank since it started. He was good up until a couple days ago he wouldn't eat and just hung out on the bottom, then looked in last night after work and he was floating on the top poor guy
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