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Help with my Cube dutch style aquascape

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Hello, so I am still new to the aquascape, I have successfully done an Iwagumi style and a Jungle style. Right now I am getting into dutch style. I don't mind if the tank set up does not 100% follow all the rules for the Dutch style, the goal for this tank is to improve my plant management and trimming skill. I much prefer the slow grower plant to reduce the amount of pruning and maintenance work I have to do. However, right now I having trouble finding a good example of dutch style due to my tank is a cube shape.
This is my set up:

Tank: Biocube 32
Light: HD Prime light
Co2 system
CaribSea Eco-Complete
Liquid fertilizer and osmosis root tab

So can anyone recommend me what plant I should use for forward, mid and background plant for a cube tank as well as where should I place them?
Thanks :grin2: