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Hello, I've been doing pretty good lately and have finally been seeing some pretty decent plant growth... but that has come to a screeching halt!!

Over the past few weeks, the Black algae in my tank had started to grow much more rapidly so I knew that I needed to do something. I created a plan that I outlined HERE and it seemed like it was going to work. The next day I started to see the algae turn red and then eventually fall away. After a few days, I trimmed off any remaining leaves with algae, did a 50% water change and rescaped the tank slightly. And that's when things have gone worse and worse...

A quick note about the setup... It's a tall tank (24") and it has the weaker lights that came with the setup and no CO2. I'm currently dosing the below at the recommended rates:
- Nilocg Thrive S
- Seachem Excel
- Seachem Iron
- Seachem Phosphorus

Current Levels:
NO3 - 20 ppm
ph - 7
KH - 89 ppm
GH - 250 ppm

Ever since I rescaped the tank on Sunday 10/11 my plants have been worse day after day. The Amazon Sword leaves have begun to completely disinegrate and fall off, all of my Brazilian Pennywort leaves completely died, the Ludwigia Repens that I trimmed and replanted has melted away, some of my Jungle Val has melted away and the Apono. Ulvaceus has been looking worse for wear.

I know that some of the problems are from the pond snail issue that I have, which I will be working to remedy but I don't think all of this is from them.

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Couple questions...

Why dose Seachem iron and phosphates with Thrive S?

Any way to double check your kh/gh tests with a known source? Usually, but not always, kh and gh are similar when taken from nature (I'm assuming you use tap). Or is that an active substrate that you are using? If so that would account for the drop in kh.

Lastly what is your dosing of each of those?

Having now read your other post, I'm guessing went too long with the h2o2 dip.

It would still be interesting to know why and how you are dosing Thrive S and the Seachem products. :)

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