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Help with my 10g (I'm a newbie)

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Hi everyone, i've been glancing over forums for a few days and this one looks like its the best for me.
I'm new to anyone forum whatsoever and to the planted tank world. Any suggestions to better my tank i'm gladly open to. It's a new found hobby of mine that i try my best to make time for. I'm a college student working my tail off at a local minimum wage job to get this hobby of mine going and thriving. I have always had tank, FW cichlids, Brackish With GSP, Salt Reef and i'm now focusing my attention to the beautiful underwater world of FW planted aquariums. I try to do the best i can but finances are tough. Any tips to better my tank or to save money will be greatly appreciated

I am currently running with
-Fluval 20g mini pressurized kit with bubble counter and ceramic diffuser (2 bubbles per second)
-Fluval c2 HOB filter
-standard 10g heater
-1o gallon tank
-Seachem fluorite substate
-Root tabs
-4 nitrie snails
-3 ghost shrimp
-baby clown loach
-2 swordtails
-various plants i know nothing about so if someone could identify them and the proper care i would appreciate it


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