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Help with low-tech 120gal

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Hello all. First time posting on this forum. Have gotten a lot of help from this forum prior to registering. Anywho, I currently have a 120gal, that I have been trying to plant for the longest time now, with no success. Currently I have 3 30" T12 (I can almost gurantee that's not enough light). I have recently started dosing with API CO2 Booster, other than that, I am not dosing anything else. I do also have root tabs near my plants. My plants seem to die after a while. I have pool filter sand and EcoComplete substrate. I believe a majority may have to do with my lighting, and the other half with my stocking of fish. (I can provide my stocking if needed)

What I was looking at getting was the AquaticLife T5HO Dual Lamp 30" (2 to start since my tank is 60" long). Eventually I would LOVE a heavily planted tank, however I wasn't really looking to go with a CO2 system. I like these lights since I could add more to them and link them up if needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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Welcome to TPT!

Yeah, sounds to me like you need to upgrade your lighting. It can be slightly tricky, you won't want too much light if you want to avoid needing CO2.

Do you have a hood that you'll need to retrofit, or are you looking for a free-standing (or hanging) fixture?

What are the full dimensions of your tank, and do you have center brace(s) to work with/around?
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