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Help with lighting please ;p

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Hey ya guys, I'm finally looking at upgrading my lighting situation here. I currently have a 25g Tall, with this lighting:

-T-5 Double Linear Strip Lighting with a 6700k(14w)Blub and a Colormax Full-Spectrum(14w) Bulb
-T8 Flora-Glo 2800k(15w)

From What I understand, I vary insufficient lighting for the types of plants I have and the ones I would like to have at some point.

Looking for some good suggestions and maybe even links if people had a good idea for a good price. My budget various so depending on how expensive it is I might have to save for a month or two.

Thanks in advance.
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T5 would be high light for your tank. And even higher with the flora glo? what are you trying to grow? you should be able to grow most plants with those lights if you have co2 and fertilizers. I would stick with what you have. You don't even need the flora glo.
I think what you have is a 2 bulb T5NO fixture, which should be giving you medium light. That's plenty for virtually all plants, but you need good CO2 to really get the best growth with that, or any light. The next step up would be a 2 bulb T5HO fixture, which would have to be suspended a few inches above the top of the tank to avoid having too much light.
Sounds good. I'll keep what I got and cut back to the just the T5NO ones I got. Still should stick to a 7ish hour cycle? And I am doing an DIY inline CO2, and excel. I was going to do some reading before asking about frets and stuff ;p

Always clear answers, thanks guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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