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Help with Java Fern!

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:( I have Java ferns, but I struggle to keep them looking healthy. They will develop a whole lot of new leaves but then sudeenly the leaves will become transparrent brown and totally desentigrate. There is enough nutrients in the water and my PH average around 7.2. What am I doing wrong?

Please help
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How much light do you have over how many gallons/liters?

How do you know that there are enough nutrients in the water? Have you measured them, are you dosing regularly?
I have 3 lights that totals 70watt and it is a 90 liter tank. I give nutrients ( Tetra flora boost) according to their instructions. Every time with a water change which is every second week.
While I don't know the exact ingredients of Flora Boost, most of those premixed ferts boost a lack of NO3 and PO4. Especially some NO3 is needed for successfully growing plants like Java Ferns who take up most of their nutrients through their leaves.

Your tank might have bottomed out on NO3, and as a result the older Fern leaves disintegrate rapidly.
Where do I get NO3? Are there spesific products that I should look for?
There are ready-made products out there, like this one:, or you can dose KNO3 if it is available. Also known as saltpeter. Might be a restricted material though.

I just have no idea what is available where you live. :redface:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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