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Help With Idendification and What To Do

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I started a planted tank a couple of weeks ago and within one week the tank was starting to get covered in algae. I've had a fish tank all my life, but I'm new to the planted aspect. I realized the reason the algae was taking over was that I was leaving the light on to long (12-13 hours). I'm now leaving the light on for 6-8 hours a day.

The algae I was initially having trouble with was brown and hair like, but I noticed that on the glass of the tank is what I thought was the same algae but what looks like some sort of filter feeder attached to the glass. I started adding Excel to the tank in hope that it would help with the algae problem. There are also very small white worms crawling on the side of the glass.

I have a 8 gallon low tech nano tank with five fish.

What's the deal with the stuff that appears to be a filter feeder? Is It? And what's up with the worms? Are they a problem?

I have attached two pictures and a video of the "filter feeders" and worms.