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Help With Idea Please

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I have a new 3ft tank in my fish tank room sat empty on its stand ready for use. it occurred to me that bloodworms would be a good tank start up in terms of adding something living to it. my thought was to have a sand bottom and once the bloodworms are added they would happily live, and hopefully bred in the sand. Could that be an ecosystem for a community of say guppies?
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Bloodworms are larvae which "hatch" into fly's.
If you want to do something like this, try tubiflex worms. But I think a grain size larger would be better. Sand might be good for the bloodworms I really couldn't say but last
time I had the tubiflex I had this gravel.
And think putting something like these in there before the fish so they can establish themselves is a good idea, but don't forget to feed them. If there are no fish...then
there is no fish waste if that's what they eat. You might even wait till there are some plants growing also before putting in the worms.
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