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Help with hardscaping!

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This is my first natural aquarium and I wanted to get some suggestions/criticism on my hardscaping so far. I'm working with a 75g tank and am waiting for my CO2 tank to come in Friday, then I will begin planting. I am also going to be getting some more stones to place around/under the branch and smaller stones to scape around the sand path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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So what is your vision for this scape ? Do you have an inspiration aquarium ?

Without knowing much about your plan, my 2 cents would be
1. move the path/wood so it does not match the end of the wood
2. the path should be even wider at front.
3. the rocks ( or at lest one) need to be taller. Match the wood height
4. the path should be at the same level as the other substrate unless you want to add a stone ridge between them
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