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Help with fixing tank parameters

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I tested my tank today after doing a 50% change with gravel vac and came up with these results. I also used prime yesterday post the change. Should I be doing another change right away due to the nitrates? Or should I add more prime? My ph also seems high

I also dose the pps pro system as I run co2 during the day with their recommended dose so I would be curious to know if I should change the daily dosing for that or if it is unrelated.


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I don't think adding more Prime will detoxify nitrates.
What livestock is in the tank you may not want to drop NO3 too quick.

What is the cause for high NO3, overstocking or accumulated dosing?

You could always make a nitrate free macro solution.
I don't think I'm over stocked, 29 gallon tank and I have 4 snails some shrimp, a catfish, and 6 mollies. My filter was recently cleaned as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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