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HELP with Fish Bendazole dosing!!!

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Hi everyone. I have found hydra and planaria in my tank:surprise:. I tried to go the natural way and used NO-PLANARIA in my tank. That got rid of the hydras, some planarias and apparently some nematodes(I wasn't expecting that part).

As I have a considerable thick layer of substrate I have been checking on it with a very bright light for the past 48 hours and I can still see some little planarias hiding all the way in the bottom so I have decided to "nuke" them with bendazole.

I removed all the live stock(20+ CBS) from my tank and now I just have plants. I have a 5 gallon tank but with all the driftwood, plants and substrate I think it's safe to say it's more like 3.5 gallons. I bought FISH BENDAZOLE which has 250mg per packet and have seen people dissolving it in 100ml of water and dosing in their tanks.

Would anybody shed some light on how much I should dose for such a small volume of water?

I'm expecting it not only to kill the remainder planarias but possibly all the nematodes as well.

Would all this death cause a mini cycle? Should I keep my shrimp elsewhere for a couple of days and check water parameters? What about length of treatment and water changes?

Your help is truly appreciated!
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I was just afraid of killing 20+ CBS. I actually mixed a whole package of fish bendazole in 100ml of water , emptied 75% of the tank and mixed 0.5 ml of that mixture into 2 gallons of water and poured it in the tank. I left the filter off for a couple hours to make sure the mixture reached the substrate. 48 hours later, voila, tank is free of planarias, hydras and as a side effect the nematodes are gone too!
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