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Help with External Pump Setup

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I'm looking to add a spray bar along the top of the back wall to my tank. To power this i'm thinking about purchasing an External pump which will be housed in the cabinet under the tank. Probably a 500+ gph for my 125g aquarium.

Trouble is i'm quite new to this and have a few questions.

1) Should I use flexible tubing to connect to the IN and OUT of the actual pump?

2) Will these tubes then connect to PVC joints and pipes in the tank? Output being the spray bar design and Input being the water intake?

3) Once connected will the pump need to be primed? Or should it just start sucking water and sending it straight out?

4) If the pump doesn't have a speed adjuster is there something I can build in to speed up / slow down the outflow? A valve of some sort? If so, where would it go?

5) Once connected and working what is the easiest way to stop the pump for maintenance? Do I need to build anything in to the design to help disconnect it without water going everywhere?

I'm sure I have more questions but these should help get me started.

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