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Help with Emersed setup

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I have had a small glass emersed tank running for a while, the plants grow like weeds inside even HC. The substrate is who knows what, I found it in an old pot full of dead plants.

I build a bigger tank from a storage tub and my old LED aquarium light(12X1w leds) I put some nice organic potting mix, a deep layer or osmocote, more potting mix and a shallow layer of osmocote then a potting mix top. The walls are lined with ally foil for more light.

The old is 32C at the dirt and new is 30.8C at the dirt.

I keep trying to transfer plants over to the new big setup but most of them wilt and die very quickly and the ones that don't look sick. I believe this may be caused by low humidity but am unsure, how would I raise humidity in this setup?


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The totes sometimes do not seal at the rim. You can add duct tape around the lip to try to keep humidity in. Buy a cheap meter in the reptile part of the petstore to find out for sure if that's the issue though.

Most melt I've had was either humidity drop or temp fluctuations.

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