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I'm not sure if i agree with this statement. If the container is closesly sealed and he has a humidity of 75%, there's only so much more that the air can contain so I doubt the half inch of water will be evaporated and you'll come back from your holiday having a messy, slimey layer of algae on your container substrate.

In my emersed setups i've had the best result topping off the dirt with some hydroballs and letting the water reach till right under there
That all depends on how much light he/she is using. I have my emmersed setup in indirect sunlight and water will evaporate or disappear overtime. The slimy layer of algae is possible, but that depends o n lighting and plants and density and so on.

Here are pictures:
as you see where its least planted is where that green slime algae is
all on left side, center and right side are clean

left side closeup

center closeup

I apologize to OP if i am now hijacking
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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