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Help with E27 6W LED grow light hood

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I'm getting about 20 of these for free but I don't know their efficacy, they claim a lot but i'm new to the world of LED lighting. I'm starting a 20g long planted tank in a month once the substrates all set and I'm planning to build a hood out of these

Is this possible, how many are required, is there anyway someone can estimate the equiv to a CFL? my hood schematics thus far plan for eight lights, four of these and four CFL's

I have done some research and have a decent newbie understanding of LED lighting. I was very much into planted aquariums in high school but when I left for college all my stuff was thrown out now that i'm on my own I'm starting up again.
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The heatsink on these bulbs are not really meant for anything bigger than 3x1W and is too inefficient for it IMO.

If you plan on running it 5+ hours I'd try to add some cooling or you may end up with some burnt out bulbs. Running a 3W for over 5 hour is hot to the touch.
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