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Help with E27 6W LED grow light hood

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I'm getting about 20 of these for free but I don't know their efficacy, they claim a lot but i'm new to the world of LED lighting. I'm starting a 20g long planted tank in a month once the substrates all set and I'm planning to build a hood out of these

Is this possible, how many are required, is there anyway someone can estimate the equiv to a CFL? my hood schematics thus far plan for eight lights, four of these and four CFL's

I have done some research and have a decent newbie understanding of LED lighting. I was very much into planted aquariums in high school but when I left for college all my stuff was thrown out now that i'm on my own I'm starting up again.
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Are these the ones you are referring to? I just googled and found these.

If it is, they are likely going to shine purple in which case you may want to stagger and mix these with 6500 white bulbs... something like this:

You may also want to consider wiring them up separately so the white and purples can be switched on separately.
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