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Help with dosing

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I've got a fairly new 92 gallon corner planted tank going. I think I'm achieving medium light in most of the tank. I somehow ended up getting Potassium Sulfate (which I believe is K2SO4) Potassium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate (not sure why I got that one. After looking at the various dosing calculators I've been figuring for about 85 gallons. I've been dosing every other day with about 5 grams of Magnesium Sulfate and 3.5g of Potassium Nitrate and a trace of Magnesium Sulfate. I've been using Flourish Comprehensive for my Micros as I already had some. I've been adding about a cap an a half of the Flourish as the instructions call for 1 capfull for 60 gallons. Now I just entered it in a dosing calculator and it said I should use 10 tsps (capful)
Which of these amounts is closer and should I get Monopotassium Sulfate for the macros, or am I ok with what I have?
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I guess I didn't include everything. Haven't measured my light but it should be both ends of the medium scale. Lower med on the deep part, high med on the shallower. Co2 injection, EI dosing.
Spend some time with and try to follow the appropriate dosing table for that size tank.
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