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hello all iam havin some problems with my 10g planted tank it all happend when some1 messed with my needle vavle a few months back and killed everthing in the tank, so now i switched to Fluorite with i really dont like iam goin back to eco or Aquasoil anyway.

tank 10g
lights 60watt 6700k
red sea co2 20oz
ph 6.2
no2 0
hardness is high
co2 50+bbm just lowed it
Flourish iron dose 2ml a week
Flourish Excel dose 3ml a week
Flourish Nitrogen dose 4ml a week
Flourish dose 4ml a week
click me for plant pic

the plants look like they are doin good but i cant get the color to come out, only on the tops of the plants have color
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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