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I have had my 10g Set up for around 8 months and I started planting is near the 6 month mark. It started out with a Java fern and quickly grew into many different types of plants. I started dosing nilocg thrive and soon after I started noticing problems with the rate of growth, as well as deformed and stunted new growth. I have tried many different things with the exception of Co2 as I originally wanted to first learn how to grow and maintain a low tech tank.[censored]

Please help me to figure out what is going on with my tank. I furgure its just one small piece of the puzzle im missing as nothing is dying just not growing properly.[censored]

I also have a case of GSA which will not go away despite raising phosphorus. And what looks like some BBA startimg on some leaf edges, however, [censored]it has been in that "starting" stage for weeks.[censored]

1. 10 gallon tank (38L)
2. Filter: Aquaclear 20. Also had a huge sponge filter that I removed for a betta hospital tank.
3. Lighting:18-24" Nicrew classic LED plus [censored]set to 40% running 8 hours per day.[censored]
4. Substrate: Blasting sand and seachem root tabs
5. Only Excell. Bought a kit to try diy Co2
6. Ferts: 3ml of nilocg thrive on day of water change. 2ml mid week. I dose 5-6 ppm of flourish phosphorus and 1/2tsp of magnesium sulfate on water change day. Just started trying to dose 1ml of flourish iron as well.
7. Weekly 50-60% water change including vacuum over the surface of the sand.
8. Plant list: java fern wide, java fern trident, Sagittaria subulata, anubias nana petite, anubias angustifolia?, another medium anubias type, small piece of cryptocoryne parva, cryptocoryne lucens, Mayaca fluviatilis (just replanted today from where the water wisteria is now), what was sold to me as "lloydiella" creeping jenny, hygrophila difformis (water wisteria) and a moss ball.
9. One Betta (in hospital tank), 4 otocinclus, 2 nerite snails, 1 Amano shrimp and 2 ghost shrimp that I found dead today.

Attached is the water report I can find for my area, I would be under the SWTP column.[censored]

My water parameters[censored]
Ph = 7.8 - 8
Ammonia = 0 ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm
Nitrate = 30-40 ppm
Phosphorus = 4-6 ppm
Iron = .5 ppm
GH = 13 dgh
Kh =7 dgh
Calcium = 40-50 ppm
Magnesium = around 30 ppm

Attached is what I could find for the water report in my area (Barrie Ontario Canada)

Please let me know if there is any more info needed and thanks in advance![censored]
View attachment Annual-Water-Report (2).pdf

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Many of the plants you have are very slow growing and actually like low to medium light. Despite many plants being seasonal and slow growing plants taking a long time to establish - I would definitely trim any parts of the plants that dont look to be doing so well or are beginning to degrade and get covered in algae. Patience is the key of course and of course- root tabs are not good enough so I dont use them. If your on a budget for a good soil - fluval stratum is very affordable on amazon and is by far the most important part of a flourishing planted aquarium. Liquid ferts are especially good for plants that pull all of their nutrients out of the water but I dont use them because i find that letting nature take it course is always much better for the plant in the long run. the liquid ferts may even hurt the situation if you add more than the plants consume - they ill be covered in algae feeding on the water and hens e: the plants lose the dominance to algae.
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