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Help with coralife unit

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My coralife unit seems to be toast, at least on one side. The ballast wires are cracked, etc. There doesnt seem to be an easy fix for this as i dont think these can be re-wired. Its a 12" unit that uses 2 18 watt bulbs. I contacted AH supply, but i received a message they could not help me (we dont sell anything you could use to rebuild your light).

The lights are being fried on one of the outlets, the other side seems fine, yet I dont know enough about lighting to know if the two ballasts are connected in any way substantially.

You can see photos here. Unfortunately, the seller wouldnt refund my payment, so I am stuck with this.

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Are there two separate ballasts, or one?

You should try contacting the guys over at, they'd probably be able to help with a ballast replacement.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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