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The ADA 45F was a steal for $10 (had some chipped corners, hence the tank risers from a Topfin Retreat tank)

The ADA tissue cultures were also sourced cheap and almost dead, but I couldn't let these cultures go to waste. I got them for a great price.

This tank is only set up to save these cultures and is in no way a finished set up. Filter is an Eheim Professional 3, for increased water volume. The light is temporary and a Twinstar E series LED is on its way.

I'm trying to save the plants and plan to put them into a Do!aqua 45p once they recover. Does anyone have suggestions for CO2 kits for this size of tank (ADA 45F)?

Also is a heater necessary for successful plant growth?

Plants in the tank are:
Rotala Macrandra
Glossostigma Elatinoides
Cryptocoryne Spiralis 'tiger'
Ludwigia Repens 'Super Red'
Blyxa Novoguineensis
Rotala Nanjean

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