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Help with Blyxa!

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Hi All,
I just won a ROAK for some Blyxa Japonica. It shipped quickly, and I acclimated it well but am not sure of the the senders parameters. I am wondering if my parameters are too different from theirs and this is causing a problem. I have heard of Crypt melt, is this something like that? The plants looked to have a pretty good root system, will it bounce back?
Here are some pics please help!

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yah, I have had no luck with this plant either.

I almost wonder....if you get new plants, would it be better to cut off all of the leafs, plant it, and let new leafs form from the nearly bare stem? I bet it wouldn't float as much that way....
i always trim off a few sets of leaves, not the whole stem. i leave about a quarter of the leaves i cut. that makes it easier to plant and less apt to uproot.

as to the op, looks like yours took a beating during shipping. no light tends to make the leaves translucent. it should bounce back, give it time. pretty hardy plant ime and grows like a weed; i toss a handful every month or so in my compost pile.
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