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Help with aquascape

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Should I move something around? Perhaps remove some driftwood.
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Looks pretty sick to me, but yeah maybe it is a bit too crowded. I gues depends what your aiming for. This could be left as a hardscape only tank and I think that would be best because planting space is limited.

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not my kind of tank, but I would kind of trim down the wood a LOT of you are wanting any plants in there, and if you add plants as is, do low light ones. but it looks like to the right its to crowded.
Personally think it looks great. Very bold look. Depends on your personal taste I guess
Thanks for everyone's responses! I decided to open up some space because my fish were becoming really inactive. I have some plants on the way but for now I think I'm content with my scape. I might trim some branches but not sure yet I'll sleep on it

Let me know your thoughts??
I like that you scaled it in but I'm missing the large piece a top.


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Yeah that large piece was taking up a lot of space that's why I removed it. Here's a pic of the tank with some more plants. I'm still playing around with the scape I have few more branches I might add or not
I really like the most recent scape! It looks very cave-y and pretty natural.
Hi there. A new member here. Nice to meet you all.

Too many driftwood in my opinion, and it seems to dark, no?
Overall I think it looks pretty good. That's kind of the look I'm going for with my scape/

My only critique would be to have the pieces near the top shorter. I think it would look better to remove the zip tied pieces. Just my 2 cents.
I think this looks great, but I would worry about function. You may have some water circulation problems with such a crowded tank. Or perhaps not - with the turtle you have, I'm assuming you must have some strong filtration in there. Why not lower the water level a bit so that those branches can double as a basking spot for your amphibious inhabitants?
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