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HELP! with African Chiclids

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Hi everyone. I am close to being ready to stock my 180 Peacock/Hap tank. I want to buy from local breeders and I have looked over the GCCA classifieds. Problem is, I don't really know any of those people. I made an attempt to talk to some at the swap, but as you are well aware….MADHOUSE. Since the tank will be fairly heavily stocked and all male, my purchasing window is rather limited. Do you have any recommendations on breeders ?
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Larry reach out to Rick Perez. Rick has been a board member, club officer and a member for some 20+ years. I believe I introduced you at one of the Swaps? Rick usually has a table. Rick has breed about every Ciclid there is. I would trust his fish & referrals 100%.

You might want to consider joining GCCA too.
I emailed Rich and did not hear from him. I will call him today. Im thinking about joining GCCA as well. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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