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Help with a growth

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Hello everybody!

New to the forum, and new to planted tanks. My wife and I started our first about a month and a half ago, and are trying to do it by the book. I need a little help though... I've been on the road for the last week, and arrived home today to a dark growth on all of my broad leafed plants, and a little on the anacharis. What is it? Any advice?


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To me, it looks like a combination of nutrient deficiency and algae. Tell us all you can about your aquarium. What size, exactly what kind of light fixture, do you have co2? Do you use any fertilizers? Do you test your water for anything?
Looks like brown rust algae to me
Thanks for offering to help.

I have a 29 gallon tank, about 20" tall. AquaClear 50 filter setup, Coralife 58120 Aqualight T5 24" (2 tubes). Seachem's Flourite plant substrate, and I have used Aqueon's Aquarium Plant Food once (nasty looking stuff). We set up a DIY CO2 system last week, but it's only been connected for about 4-5 hours max. (Only using it when home...didn't trust leaving it on when I wasn't around) The CO2 hose is zip-tied to the filter intake.

We currently only test/monitor the PH of the tank, because our water is so hard here in Utah. Ordered a master test kit though, will begin a more rounded testing regiment next week.
Does it wipe off easily? Could be diatoms. Both of my tanks saw diatom growth about 1 1/2-2 months after starting them up.
Yup, rubs right off. Should I seek out a cleaner fish to remedy my problem?
Since it rubs right off, it is for sure Diatoms. Since it is a new tank they will go away on their own, but can hurt leaves in the process if they prevent them from getting light.

If the tank is cycled, I would throw in half a dozen Amano shrimp, assuming you don't have any fish that will eat them in there.

Half a dozen Amanos will clean that off in maybe 48 hours. Don't feed them anything/much untill the diatoms are gone.

Amanos LOVE this stuff.

To be honest, you can go for more than half a dozen. We have about 20 in our 55 gallon, and they are plenty happy. Requires a fair amount of food though. They are voracious. If you like them and you can find them inexpensively (maybe order from Msjinzked who has a subforum here. Hers are cheap and gorgeous), you could do 12-15 in there no problem.

The first thing I do after I am sure a tank is safe is add Amanos, even if they aren't going to be a permanent resident. I'll "borrow" some from the 55 to take care of the initial diatom bloom in a new tank.
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Thanks for everybody's help. And larcat, you were dead on. Diatoms rubbed right off, and even the ghost shrimp (and the snails that somehow magically appear...) enjoy chowing down on them. Tank's looking better than ever, crisis averted.

2 Tetras
1 Cory Cat
1 Algae eater
roughly 5 Ghost shrimp
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