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So i have an extra 75 gallon tank that I can't fit into my town-house.

I was wondering if anyone knows if this would work:
I want to put the tank in my backyard. Add carib-sea floramax substrate, 3 DIY 2L yeast bottles, and my plants:
Dwarf Hairgrass
Hygrophila Corymbosa Kompakt
Guppy Grass
Telanthera Cardinalis
Water wisteria
Few differnet kinds of swords
Anubias Nana
Anubias Congensis
Anubias Afzelli
Narrow leaf java fern
windolev fern
water sprite
java moss
red wendtii
bronze wendtii
green cryptocorynes
caboma (carolina fanwort)
marimo balls
corkscrew vallis

I have no electricity source for this tank so there will be no filter and no airpump for oxygen. I was hoping since it is outside the open top and the wind would be enough oxygen for the plants at night.
Is the natural sunlight to strong for these plants? not strong enough?
Will this work at all?

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Winter time I will keep 1 of each plant in a 10 gallon setup and the rest will be sold off or given away. basicly what happened is I had 4 planted tanks that are now shrimp tanks. So all the co2 hungry plants came out and now i need somewhere to put them. also cut down on other plants in the tank so i can see the shrimp more.
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