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I am rescaping my new tank before it gets too settled. There is no livestock yet, so I figure now is as good as time as any.

I will be taking out all the plants and driftwood, then scraping off the white gravel. Underneath is Flourite Black which I will be topping with probably some black sand. I know it will mix over time, but I think that will be fine.

I need help planning on where to put everything when it all goes back in. I don't mind how it is now, but it seems kind of plain. I am open to more plants (looking for suggestions), but will start with what I have now. (I have low light, will be using osmocote tabs).

The plants I'm dealing with...

-Moneywort (?? Bacopa?) (back left corner)
-red rotala (?? front left corner. Not sure this plant will make it, got it at an auction)
-egeria najas (I have some in my other tank and can get more clippings soon)
-corkscrew vals (behind the driftwood). I love these, and hope they will grow tall
-water wisteria
-anubias nana on the driftwood
-some very small crypts I have lining the little rock path, not sure you can see them.

I also have some asian ambulia in my other tank that I can take a few stems/trimmings from. And some dwarf sag which I really like, just not sure where I would put it here.

Any thoughts on where to put everything when it all goes back together? Should I reuse the rocks? I don't know much about sloping, but someone made the comment my tank lacks 'depth' and I agree. Its just kind of boring.

I feel like I have a lot of tall stems. I also like bushy plants and more 'leafy' plants too. Any thoughts?


These are the rocks I have to work with, plus some smooth black river rock. I should have left the substrate alone at this point!

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