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The length and width of this size tank makes it very impractical for fish.
It is just 1.5 inches in dimension in lenghth and width more than a 5 gallon tank. A 5 gallon tank can take a Betta or a group of nano-fish; But, will not, in the long-term, work for the fish you are considering.

The reason why it is impractical would be the minimal surface area for oxygen exchange and inadequate room for fish to swim side to side. Especially schooling fish like neons. Neons may be small, but the minimum length required for keeping them is 24 inches.
Glass catfish can get up to 6 inches and need high oxygenated environment with good circulation and movement. Obviously, these wont work. Mollies are live-bearers and need a minimum of 24 inches as well, they get up to four inches ( the short-finned ones- not the sword-tails that get up to 6 Inches.
I would consider a single Betta or a group of nano-fish for this tank.
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