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Help water is today slightly green with green and brown water on the glass.

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I have 18 Gallon tank and I was having below fish
  • 3 fancy Guppies
  • 6 Cardinal Tetra
  • 1 neon blue Gourami
  • 2 Amano
  • 4 Ghost shrimp.

I have below plants
  • hair grass
  • Aanacharis
  • Java moss on dog wood
  • Anubias nana
  • Cabomba Caroliniana

I have issue that my water is today slightly green with green and brown spot on the glass. It is only start.

So I will make black out for day or 2 but on second thought, I feel my hair grass will get effect. Some people are telling use Seachem Excel but I am afraid to add that.
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What is your lighting like? How long are they on for on a given day? How much do you feed your fish? Excel should be fine I use it as a c02 supplement every 2nd day. Just limit your lights to be on for a shorter time period keep up on your water changes etc. etc.
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