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I'm setting up a 17g 24x12x15 tank, similar in size to the ADA 60p, and I want to run it as a peninsula tank. I'm shooting for starting off low-tech with the option to add co2 and upgraded lights later down the line. I've got a decent amount of experience in the Saltwater world but this will be my first "real" venture into the world of planted tanks so I'm looking for recommendations for lights, filtration and heaters (bonus points is they come in 220v).

For filtration I originally wanted to go with an aquaclear ac70 with media basket to run floss, chemipure green or purigen, and ciporax for to cover the different types of media. That plan is on standby since I can't find them in 220v. Canister is my next option but I can't have anything too large or loud since the tank will be on the kitchen island, there is a cabinet behind where the tank will sit that has room for a canister and I can either run the hoses through, or around, the wall.

For lighting I was thinking of going with one of the simple Finnex Planted+ but not sure which version to be looking for. I want enough power and the correct spectrum to at least give a few red plants a shot but they would only be used as an accent since the plan for the tank is to do a bonsai with either anubias nana or moss and have a easy to mid level carpeting plant.

For a heater, that part depends on what filtration i go with but either way I'll probably be using an inkbird to control it and some sort of diy cooling fan.

Once I get the tank in I'll try to start a build thread on here as well as sketch up some ideas for how I would like the tank to look so that I can narrow down the plants for it and figure out what substrate I need to use and if it should be a dry start or not.
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