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Help Stocking a 29g Tank

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Hello all, this is my first post on this forum, so let me know if I make any mistakes. I have recently finished cycling and planting my 29g tank, and I would like some stocking suggestions. Currently I have some mystery snails and an albino bristlenose pleco, but that's it. My levels are as follows: pH - ~7.4, Ammonia - 0ppm, Nitrate - 0ppm, Nitrate - ~5ppm, and soft-to-medium hard water. I already have neons and albino cories in my 20g, so I'd like to stay away from those. One fish that I would like to get is a small group (4-6) of kuhli loaches, but I would like assistance figuring out what to get for the mid and high levels of the tank. Thank for the help!
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Most tetras will work for your tank size. I like tetras because they have lots of color and shape variation plus they're generally good community tank fish. Rasboras are good too. Guppies, mollys, maybe a couple swordtails. As long as you stick with small fishes and not too many you should be good.

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