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Help stocking a 20gh coldwater

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Hi fellow forumers,

I'm planning restarting my 20g high, and I want it to be unheated.

The temperature will stay at 70 degrees for most of the year, occasionally 68F. Right now the tank is at 85 degrees at room temp! I don't have an AC, so everyone is at the mercy of the summer heat.

What are my options? I will not consider natives.
This is what I have thought up so far:
- white clouds (I will get Tanichthys micagemmae for sure)
- zebra danios
- blood fin tetra
- bleeding heart tetras
- Least killifish (H. formosa)
- rosy barbs (I won't get any for sure)
- guppies might be okay
- Neocardinia and Cardinia species (will likely go in this tank)

No bottom feeders?
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To answer my own question, species of cory like juliis do well at 72-79. I think that's close enough to my tank for it to be acceptable
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