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Last night we got rid of those obnoxious, intrusive convicts!! What a relief :). I want to re-stock it slowly, since we drained it and did a really good gravel cleaning after the convicts left. I don't really want to get something that I already have, but wouldn't be entirely opposed to it, I suppose. I love fry, so fish that breed with little to no assistance from me would be nice, probably livebearers would be easiest.

The tank is newly planted (as of last night) with some small (had to scavenge them out of my nicer tanks) Java Moss, Java Fern, Anubias... well, you get the picture. The gravel's too big to plant anything, so I had to go with things that could be tied to a hardscape.

Back to the fish... suggestions? I already have 10 tanks with guppies, lol, so those are out of the question unless some really awesome guppy shows up in my LFS.
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