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I suspect you'll get a few(at least) more replies after the "home from work" thing happens so I'll try to be tactfully direct. You've obviously been interested in these type of tanks at least long enough to pick up a few pieces of the associated info about them so as to be able to know the need for CO2/w one like the bottom picture.
But other than hiring someone to build it for you, experience can't be bought.
This forum does facilitate borrowing some though and a few have started out(or
would lead others to believe they started/w one of those tanks as a first project)
with that type of tank sucessfully.
But spending the money to build it, and then maintaining it in that state of
appearence...well that may prove to be a very noteworthy thing indeed without
having some experience/w a tank of lesser requirements first.
I'd even venture to say that some of the more experienced people end up with
an "algae farm" on their first try at one of those as they require at least moderately high light, everything that goes/w it AND a pretty good level of expertise...IMHO.
But it has and can be done so long as you know it's likely to have a couple of oopses
along the way and that working through those is actually where the experience comes from. I just lean towards suggesting that a person start out/w something just a tad bit
less demanding to get a bit of experienced based sucess established before trying
one of those is mostly my thoughts on it.
One Betta and three shrimp(which sometimes get along but not normally) for that size tank is actually a livable level of inhabitants or just 3-5 Tetra's perhaps...but this
"Stocking proposal" is most of what gives me the tendancy to suggest a slower start for you. Pleco's have 2-3 x the normal level of waste as regular fish do so keeping them in smaller than 20g is difficult to say the least if the water quality is to be kept up.
So not trying to discourage you from having your tank but rather trying to discourage you from having a disaster on your hands to contend/w.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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