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Help Selecting Plants & couple other questions.

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Hi, I am starting a new 10 gallon aquarium for plants and maybe a few shrimp and snails. I would like some opinions on what to plant.

It's a 10 gallon tank with an aqua clear 30. The light is from 1 - 18 inch 15 watt T-8 and 2 - 13 watt Compact fluorescent spirals. So around 4 WPG, but not really I guess, huh? I will run DIY CO2 if I need to. And I haven't decided yet whether to use flourish or dry ferts. The substrate is pool filter sand (because I just love the look of it). I have some flourite that I want to put out in front of a piece of driftwood to try a carpet of some sort in the very front. And can use it in other spots for plants that might need it.

Now, I know would love to have some blynxa japonica (spelling?) Do you think I could grow that with this set-up? Also, I really like the green cabomba (carolinia?) And what ground cover could I get by with here?

I'll leave the rest to other recommendations.

Thanks a bunch!!!
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With that amount of light, and CO2 injection, you could definitely do Blyxa japonica (I have some thriving under even less light). I would add some Java moss and then micro swords up front for ground cover.
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