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help selecting a background plant

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Finally after 2 weeks of daily water changes the aqua soil has stopped clouding my water so i am able to take decent photos for you.
I had trouble deciding on doing a full Iwagumi or a full Nature style layout, so i sort of combined the two. On the right side is my iwagumi, on the left nature style aquarium. I think the hair grass (Eleocharis acicularis) and HC will fill in nicely in the center and right side, but i need help selecting a good background plant/s that will fill in the back left corner behind and around the driftwood. Also, the driftwood has some java moss tied to the branches, hopefully before long that will take over the driftwood.

The tank is a 33G Mr. Aqua.
Eheim Classic 2217
Lighting is 96W 4 bulb T5 with 2 6,000k and 2 roseate lamps (i beleive 640nm, kinda pinkish/red).
CO2 Injection with inline reactor
Aqua soil Amazonia w/ bacter 100 and clear super
PPS dosing

*Lights are 3 inches above the water, and the water is 14 inches to the substrate*

I have been thinking about Ludwigia glandulosa but im not sure if the color would clash.

*These photographs were taken just after a water change, which may account for any micro bubbles, cloudiness, or low CO2 readings from the drop checker*

and a fat RCS for fun :hihi:
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I'd stick with Eleocharis if you really like the Iwagumi look. I'd put some Eleocharis vivipara back there behind the driftwood and call it done.
Thank you for your response. I do like the Iwagumi look but i think in order to acheive the "half and half" of iwagumi and nature aquarium i need something that will fill in a little more than Eleocharis vivipara. I need something that really fills in around the driftwood and gives the left side a wild/forest look. Some type of Rotala or Ludwigia maybe? If i dont think I can pull of the look im going for i could put the driftwood farther back into the left corner and allow the Eleocharis acicularis to spread making most of the tank iwagumi layout. Or I could remove the driftwood completely and put Eleocharis vivipara in its place, but i would prefer to keep such a nice piece in the aquarium.
I woud add Ludwigia glandulosa to give some red color to the tank.
Here's a few:
-Ludwigia 'repens x arcuata'
It gets a little bit of color, but not too "clashy"

-Rotala sp. Vietnam & Ludwigia Arcuata
mixed bunch of the stems

Do a mix of a taller crypt in the back and a shorter one up front and coming around the wood
(Crypt. Lutea might look good in there)
thanks ill look them up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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